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Hockey 1991 Mega Drive - Experience the Intensity of Hockey on Your Console

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Immerse yourself in the frenetic hockey action with Hockey 1991 for Mega Drive. This iconic game offers you a realistic and thrilling gaming experience, English version.

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Mega Drive Hockey 1991


1991 Mega Drive Hockey - Console Hockey Intensity - TheRedshop

Immerse yourself in the excitement of hockey with Hockey 1991, a game that delivers authentic gameplay and an immersive experience for sports fans on the Mega Drive console.

Key features:

Hockey 1991 offers gameplay that matches the intensity of hockey. Take control of your team, make accurate passes, make powerful shots and make spectacular saves to defend your cage. 

Choose from a selection of real professional teams and players from the era, allowing hockey fans to track down their favorites and guide them to victory.

Hockey 1991 offers a variety of game modes to satisfy all players. Compete on the computer solo, challenge your friends in multiplayer, or participate in tournaments to fight your way to the ultimate cut. 

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of hockey with detailed graphics and realistic sound effects. Smooth animations and authentic player reactions will give you an immersive gaming experience.

Designed for all players, Hockey 1991 offers intuitive controls, ideal for novices and experienced players alike. You will be able to focus on the action without difficulty.

Add Hockey 1991 to your Mega Drive video game collection and relive the days when hockey was at its peak. Dominate the ice, score incredible goals and experience the excitement of the fastest sport on console.

This product is a Mega Drive game cartridge. Please make sure you have a working Mega Drive console to play.

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Mega Drive Hockey 1991

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