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» » » 50 Francs 1952 Giraud - Pièces Fauté 4 Plumes 4th Republic (1947-1959)

50 Francs 1952 Giraud - Pièces Fauté 4 Plumes 4th Republic (1947-1959)

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Discover the 50 Francs coin 1952 Giraud 4 Plumes, a historical treasure sought after by collectors and numismatic enthusiasts. A symbol of value and prestige.

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50 Francs G. Giraud 1952


50 Francs, 1952 - Georges Giraud, Faulty Coins, 4 Feathers, 4th Republic - TheRedshop

This rare coin bears witness to the monetary history of France and is a symbol of value and prestige.

The 1952 Giraud 4 Feathers 50 Francs coin is made of silver and features on its obverse a portrait of Marianne, an allegorical figure of the French Republic. Above the portrait, we can see the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". 

The reverse of the coin displays the face value "50 Francs" as well as the date "1952" and a laurel wreath surrounding an "RF" (French Republic). This authentic coin is a tangible witness to the history and monetary heritage of the France.

We take all necessary precautions to carefully pack and protect each piece to ensure its preservation upon delivery.

This collector's item is a valuable investment and a significant addition to the collection of numismatic enthusiasts. It can also be offered as a unique and symbolic gift to celebrate the history and heritage of the France.

Characteristics :

Year of minting : 1952
Face value: 50 Francs
Cipro-aluminum composition (Copper 910‰ and Aluminum 90‰)

Engraver : Pierre-Alexandre Morlon (obverse) / Raymond Joly (reverse)
Condition : Good condition with signs of normal wear and tear
Dimensions : Diameter of 41 mm
Weight : 30 g

Do not miss this opportunity to acquire a rare and historic coin of the French Republic. Add the 50 Francs 1952 Giraud 4 Plumes coin to your collection now, or give it as a gift to a numismatic enthusiast. 

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50 Francs G. Giraud 1952

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