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Works Of Religious Arts
Works Of Religious Arts

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Immerse yourself in spirituality with sacred pieces : spiritual expressions & heritage.

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Sculpture - The Virgin Mary, Walking on Biscuit Snakes
Discover this exceptional piece of 19th century religious art: an ancient statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, walking triumphantly on snakes, accompanied by two little angels.
199.00€ Excluding VAT
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Pair of Bougeoirs Antique Européen Angel - Pied Piper
Discover the timeless elegance of the antique brass and terracotta angel angel flute candle holders, beautifully enhanced by a gold leaf finish, steeped in history.
120.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
Sculpture - Saint-François De Paule et le Loup, Italian Wooden
Discover a magnificent sculpture antique wooden statuette representing Saint Francis of Paola accompanied by a Wolf, Italian manufacture dating from the mid-nineteenth century, in excellent condition.
179.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
Jesus Christ In the Arms of Mary, With Joseph - Chromo Lithograph
Discover a beautiful captivating painting depicting the timeless scene of Jesus Christ in the arms of Mary, accompanied by Joseph, walking through the desert on a donkey.
39.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
Majesty Batllo - Jesus Christ, Engraving Wooden Frame Under Glass
Discover a fascinating piece of history: an engraving with an ancient wooden frame depicting 'The Majesty Batllo', a crucifix from the twelfth century. This unique work presents Christ on the cross.
79.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
Sculpture of Jesus Christ - Crowned with Hand-Carved Wood
Discover an exceptional work of art: a magnificent sculpture of Jesus Christ, crowned with hand-carved wood, dating from the late nineteenth century and of Italian origin.
109.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
Jesus & the 12 Apostles - Large Lacquered Pressed Wooden Panel
Discover an exceptional piece of art: our large lacquered pressed wood panel, an exquisite replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, inlaid with mother-of-pearl. This masterful work transports you.
299.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
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