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Battlefield 3 - Video Game PS3 Multi In Cooperative at The Best Price

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Battlefield 3 also features a full multiplayer mode capable of accommodating 24 players on 9 maps that adapt to the chosen game mode. With its 4 customizable classes, its modifiable weapons.

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Battlefield 3, PS3 - Video Games


Battlefield 3, PS3 Video Games - Co-op at the Best Price

Battlefield 3, the iconic first-person shooter (FPS), is now available on PlayStation 3. Immerse yourself in a modern conflict that rages across the globe, and get ready for an exceptional gaming experience.

Battlefield 3's single-player campaign draws you into an intense, cinematic storyline. You play as an elite soldier tasked with fighting a global threat, and you'll find yourself in a variety of environments, from the city of Paris to the deserts of Tehran. The captivating story and thrilling action sequences will completely immerse you in the world of Battlefield. The game also offers a unique cooperative experience with a series of 6 missions specifically designed to be played in collaboration with an online friend. Face tactical challenges, coordinate your movements, and take on critical objectives for victory.

But one of the most impressive features of Battlefield 3 is its multiplayer mode. With the ability to accommodate up to 24 players online, you engage in epic battles across 9 dynamic maps that adapt to your chosen game mode. Choose from 4 distinct classes, customize your weapons, and master the art of war as a team. 

Use combat vehicles, tanks, fighter jets, and more to dominate the battlefield.

Battlefield 3's squad system promotes team-based play by allowing players to cooperate closely. Communication and coordination are key to achieving victory, whether attacking enemy positions or defending strategic objectives.

Battlefield 3 is rated for players 16 years of age and older, due to its intense and realistic content. The constant engagement and total immersion in the game make it an unforgettable experience for FPS enthusiasts.

The game is available in Blu-Ray format, offering exceptional visual and sound quality on your PlayStation 3. In France, Battlefield 3 was officially launched on October 27, 2011, while in the United States, players were able to play it as early as October 25, 2011. 

Don't miss the opportunity to experience epic battles, team-based military strategy, and fast-paced action. Get your copy of Battlefield 3 on PS3 now and get ready to join the most intense battle of your life.
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Battlefield 3, PS3 - Video Games

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