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Vase on Legs of the Verrerie De BIOT - Hand-Signed Blown Glass.

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Add an exceptional piece of art to your collection with this beautiful freestanding vase from Verrerie De BIOT. Handcrafted with craftsmanship expertise and exceptional know-how.

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Stemmed Vase - Verrerie De BIOT, Hand Blown, Signed - TheRedshop

This blown glass vase is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, expertly created to add elegance and sophistication to your interior. It features a unique design, combining hand-blown glass and an elegant foot, creating a harmonious silhouette. Every detail is meticulously shaped, testifying to the talent of the craftsman.

Made by the famous Verrerie De BIOT, each vase is hand-signed, guaranteeing its authenticity and value as a collector's item. 

Blown glass creates subtle variations in colour and texture, adding a vivid and dynamic dimension. Its transparency allows the light to play with fascinating reflections.


Material: Hand-blown glass
Colour: Transparent, Golden yellow with shades of red.
Manufacturer: BIOT glassware
Period: 1958
Original : Signed BIOT, FLORE
Condition: Excellent
Style: Contemporary & Design
Country of production : France

Dimensions: Height 37.5 cm, Diameter 9.5 cm
Weight: 1 kg


Add an artisanal touch to your space with this Vase on legs from Verrerie De BIOT. Order yours now and let the magic of hand-blown glass transform your interior.

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