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Buy 5 Centimes Épi 1962 Online - Large Selection Available

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Discover and buy 5 Centimes Épi 1962 online. Great selection available our collection of 5 Cents Épi 1962, Exclusive offers Authentic and affordable coins for sale.

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5 Centimes Épi 1962 Paris


5 Cents Épi 1970 - Authentic and Affordable Pieces for Sale

The 5 Centimes Épi 1962 are French coins that are part of the Épi series, known for its motif representing an ear of wheat. Minted in 1962, these coins are made of bronze-aluminum and have a diameter of 20 millimeters. The obverse of the coin features a Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap, symbol of the French Republic, while the reverse features an ear of wheat surrounded by the face value and the year of issue. 

These pieces are highly appreciated by collectors and numismatic enthusiasts for their classic design and historical value.

Key features :

The 1962 5 Centimes Épi are famous for their ear of wheat motif, symbolizing the importance of agriculture in France. The classic motif of Marianne and the Phrygian cap on the obverse reinforces their iconic character. 

These coins are first editions minted in 1962, which guarantees their authenticity and historical value.

Made of bronze-aluminum, these parts are durable and resistant to normal wear and tear.

The 5 Centimes Épi 1962 have a numismatic and historical value, testifying to the monetary past of the France. 

 They are ideal for collectors and history buffs who want to enrich their collection.

Diameter : 20 mm
Stainless steel composition


Add it to your collection today and appreciate its history and rarity.

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5 Centimes Épi 1962 Paris

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