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Pokémon Card 2019 - Celesteela GX 163/214 Holo Rare, English Version.

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The Pokémon card "Celesteela GX 163/214" is a powerful card and sought after by collectors and Pokémon trading card players. Celesteela is a Steel and Flight type Pokémon.

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Celesteela GX 163/214 - Pokémon Map 2019


Pokémon Map 2019 - Celesteela GX 163/214 Holo Rare (English Version)

Celesteela is a Steel and Flight type Pokémon, and this map highlights its GX form with the number 163/214.

Celesteela GX is known for its strength and endurance. This special card perfectly represents these attributes, with a detailed illustration showcasing the majesty of Celesteela. Collectors will appreciate the vivid colors and minute details of this captivating map. With a variety of powerful attacks and special abilities, Celesteela GX is a valuable asset in Pokémon battles. This card is designed to upgrade your deck and give you a strategic advantage when battling with other players.

The "Celesteela GX 163/214" board is a special edition of superior quality, made with durable materials for maximum longevity. It is in excellent condition, making it a valuable collector's item for avid collectors.

When your Pokémon-GX is knocked out, your opponent takes 2 prize cards.

Attack 1

[1] Power cyclone (110)

Move an energy from this Pokémon to 1 of your Pokémon on the bench.

Attack 2

Count your price cards and put them in your hand. Then, take as many cards from the top of your deck and place them face down like your prize cards. 

 If you don't have as many cards in your deck, this attack doesn't matter. (You cannot use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Lightning ×2 / Fights -20 / 4
Artist PLANETA Igarashi
Pokedex Number #797 

Card number 163/214
Rarity Rare Holo GX
CV 200
Series / Set / Sun & Moon Scene / Unbroken Links / GX
Colorless card type.

Whether you're a Pokémon card collector or a competitive gamer looking for a strategy map, "Celesteela GX 163/214" is an exceptional choice. Add this rare card to your collection or use it to strengthen your deck and challenge your opponents with the power of Celesteela.

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Celesteela GX 163/214 - Pokémon Map 2019

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