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» » » Auguste Pelletier (1800-1847) - Portrait Of a Woman - Signed And Dated (1845) By Hand

Auguste Pelletier (1800-1847) - Portrait Of a Woman - Signed And Dated (1845) By Hand

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Magnificent very old portrait of Woman with black pencil legend on light cream paper, unidentified Signed and dated By Auguste Pelletier (1800-1847) lower left Framed coaster Folds.

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Auguste Pelletier - Portrait of a Woman


Auguste Pelletier (1800-1847) Portrait of a Woman - Signed and Dated (1845) by Hand

This very pretty old portrait drawing of a woman of yesteryear is an exceptional work of art, a visual testimony of a bygone era. Made in black pencil on light cream paper, this mysterious portrait evokes an aura of charm and enigma.

This drawing is authenticated by the signature and date of the artist at the bottom left, marking its origin and authenticity. Auguste Pelletier (1800-1847) was a recognized painter of his time, and his contribution to art is invaluable. 

The piece is carefully framed, highlighting the timeless beauty of the portrait. It is also protected by glass to preserve its quality and condition.

Details about the Artist:

Born: fl. 1800
Died: 1847
Known for: Painting


Length: 48.00 cm
Width : 37.00 cm
Depth : 1.00 cm

This mesmerizing portrait transports you back in time, allowing you to contemplate the beauty and elegance of a bygone era. 

The black pencil caption adds a mysterious touch to this work, inviting you to imagine the story of the woman depicted in it.

Perfect for Collectors and Art Lovers: Whether you are an avid collector or an art lover looking for unique pieces, this drawing is sure to spark your interest. It can be an exquisite addition to your collection or a centerpiece in your interior décor. 

Although the drawing has some folds testifying to its age and history, it is in excellent condition considering its period of creation. Its origin, dating from 1945, adds a historical dimension to this work. Its provenance, however, remains unknown, which reinforces the mystery surrounding this portrait.

This portrait of a woman by Auguste Pelletier is much more than just a work of art. 

It's a piece of history, a visual testament to a bygone era, and a centerpiece that will capture your imagination and enrich your space.


Treat yourself to this piece of history and beauty, and add a touch of timeless elegance to your collection or interior.


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Auguste Pelletier - Portrait of a Woman

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