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Retro Camera, Optic & Accessorie
Retro Camera, Optic & Accessorie

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Capture the essence of the past : unique moments with style and elegance.

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Minolta SRT101 - Caméra
Vintage camera Minolta SRT 101 chrome, Rokkor PF Lens 38 mm Silver SLR CLC from 1966. Minolta SRT 101 (export model name: SRT 201) 38mm SLR camera.
199.00€ Excluding VAT
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Vivitar Serie 1 - Macro Focusing
Vivitar Photo Lens - Series 1 - 70-210 mm 1:28-40 VMC Macro Focusing Zoom Lens 58 M/MD, in its original leather case. Excellent condition, perfectly functional, like new.
115.00€ Excluding VAT
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Pentax AF - Camera 1990
Beautiful 1990 Pentax AF Auto Focus Zoom Lens 90 film collector's camera. These devices are considered high-end compacts (for their time), in its original case.
275.00€ Excluding VAT
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Minolta 7000 AF - Camera
Minolta 7000 AF Film Camera + Zoom Lens 70 - 210 mm collection, These modes are selectable from push buttons located on the top of the left side. In excellent condition
350.00€ Excluding VAT
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Agfa Prontor 125 - Camera 1956
Agfa Prontor 125 Color Silver Camera Collection 1956, Serial Number: 6131 in its original brown leather box. This series is the original fully functional model.
65.00€ Excluding VAT
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Camera - Konica Lens
Konica Lens / Z-Up 70 VP Super 35-70mm ZOOM 1999 camera, Serial Number:6939360 silver/black color in perfect condition, perfectly functional. USA manufacturing, fully automatic.
115.00€ Excluding VAT
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Zeiss Ikon Voigtlander - Camera
Vintage camera Zeiss Ikon Voigtlander "PRONTOR 500 LK" 1960-1970, Serial Number :622358, in its original case accompanied by a new battery charge. This series is the original model.
210.00€ Excluding VAT
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Camera - Praktica Super TL
Pentacon Praktica Super TL 35-50 mm camera of the brand Pentacon 1970, serial number: 6967951. In its original shoulder bag. The camera and its equipment are original.
250.00€ Excluding VAT
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