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» » » Gipsy Kings - Bamboléo and Djobi Djoba 1987 PEM PARIS, 33 Rpm

Gipsy Kings - Bamboléo and Djobi Djoba 1987 PEM PARIS, 33 Rpm

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33 Tours new version of 1987, Les Gipsy Kings is a group of French gypsy of Spanish origin. The members of the group are of Catalan origin. In excellent condition with original stickers.

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Gipsy Kings - Djobi Djoba 1987


Gipsy Kings - Bamboléo and Djobi Djoba, 1987, vinyl - TheRedshop

The fascinating musical saga of the Gipsy Kings, a band whose history is woven with passion, tradition and success.

The Gipsy Kings, a harmonious fusion of the Reyes and Baliardo families, share a rich heritage and passion for music. During the Spanish Civil War, these related families left their homeland to find refuge in Provence, like many others at the time. 

From an early age, the five Reyes brothers were immersed in rumba thanks to their father, José Reyes, who passed on his talent to them both on vocals and guitar.

Label: P.E.M. – PEM 15501-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: France
Released: 1987
Genre: Latin
Style: Flamenco

The history of the Gipsy Kings would not be complete without mentioning Chico Bouchikì, the son-in-law of José Reyes, who was one of the founders of the group. He has contributed to the creation of seven iconic albums, including "Gitan poete", "L'amour d'un jour", "Allegria", "Luna de fuego", "Gipsy Kings", "Best Remixes", and "Mosaïque". In 1992, Chico went his own way and founded the world-famous band "Chico & The Gypsies". With their haunting fusion of gypsy music, rumba, pop and flamenco, the Gipsy Kings have conquered the hearts of audiences around the world. This musical story continues to amaze and inspire, so explore their masterpieces, feel the soul of gypsy culture and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Gipsy Kings.

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Gipsy Kings - Djobi Djoba 1987

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