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Toyse - Beautiful Doll Baby Boy Vintage Porcelain

Reference -AF00000026 - Toyse
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Beautiful doll, very beautiful and strong Baby Boy in Porcelain with its original accessories, clothing, body, diaper, and original shoes.

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Baby Boy Toyse


Toyse Doll - Beautiful Baby Boy Doll, Vintage Porcelain - TheRedshop

This baby boy doll is truly remarkable! In impeccable condition, with incredible realism that makes her look like a real baby. Each of its details has been carefully worked to achieve impeccable perfection. The realism of this doll is astounding, whether in terms of her body, her head, or fine details such as visible veins, the shape of her skull, her thighs, her hands, her face, her yellow eyes, and even the shape of her mouth that shows that it is a baby who sucks, with a hole delicately designed for this purpose.

To prove its authenticity, an identification is discreetly placed at the bottom of its neck: Toyse Made in Spain. This doll is a great educational tool for those who want to learn how to be parents before the big day. It offers a realistic experience of motherhood or fatherhood, allowing you to get used to caring for a baby and develop essential skills. It is also ideal for collectors and lovers of vintage porcelain dolls.


Treat yourself to this beautiful Toyse Made in Spain baby boy doll for a unique experience, whether it's learning how to care for a baby or adding an exceptional collector's item to your collection.

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Baby Boy Toyse

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