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» » » Jimmy Cliff - Special 1982 (33 Rpm Vinyl), the Essential Album

Jimmy Cliff - Special 1982 (33 Rpm Vinyl), the Essential Album

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The essential album "Special" by Jimmy Cliff in 33 rpm vinyl format. Released in 1982, this iconic opus offers a haunting fusion of reggae, soul and pop carried by the voice of JIMMY.

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Jimmy Cliff 1982 - Vinyl


Jimmy Cliff - Special 1982 (33 rpm vinyl) | The Must-Eat Album

Jimmy Cliff's album "Special" is an iconic work that deftly fuses reggae, soul and pop, embodying the passion, social commitment and optimism characteristic of Jimmy Cliff's musical style. Check out standout tracks like "Love Solution," "Special," "She Was So Right for Me" and "Music Maker," highlighting Jimmy Cliff's powerful voice. The climax of the album is reached with the inevitable "Reggae Night", a real reggae anthem. 


Artist : Jimmy Cliff
Album title: Special
Format: 33 rpm vinyl (with original labels)
Year of release: 1982
Genres: Reggae, Soul, Pop
Tag: CBS

Sides A and B are like new.

The authenticity of the 33 rpm vinyl "Special" offers an immersive listening experience, transporting you into the haunting rhythms of reggae. The original clutch and retro design make it a popular collector's item.

Order now this essential vinyl album by Jimmy Cliff to live a unique musical experience, marked by the charisma and timeless legacy of this iconic reggae artist.

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Jimmy Cliff 1982 - Vinyl

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