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» » » Michael Jackson 1982 - "Billie Jean" Single Record Disc (45 Rpm Vinyl)

Michael Jackson 1982 - "Billie Jean" Single Record Disc (45 Rpm Vinyl)

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The 45 rpm vinyl "Michael Jackson 1982 - Billie Jean" is a real musical gem for Michael Jackson enthusiasts and music lovers in general released in 1982.

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Michael Jackson 1982


Michael Jackson - 1982, "Billie Jean", Single Record Disc (45 rpm vinyl) - TheRedshop

Released in 1982, this vinyl features one of the biggest hits of Michael Jackson's career, the iconic song "Billie Jean".

45 rpm vinyl is a classic and nostalgic format that offers an authentic listening experience. This disc contains "Billie Jean" as the A-side, a groundbreaking song that propelled Michael Jackson to the top of the world charts and marked a turning point in the history of pop music. On the B-side, you will find another nugget of this album, offering a complete immersion in the musical universe of Michael Jackson. It will allow you to relive the time when Michael Jackson reigned supreme on the music scene and appreciate his legendary talent.


Format: 45 rpm (7 inch) vinyl
Year of release: 1982
Artist : Michael Jackson

Side A: "Billie Jean"
Side B: Additional track

Pressed and distributed in France by CBS Disque

Ref : A - 3084 CB 111

Side: A & B: very good, like new

Cover: very good, some writing and traces

Printed in France 1982 in Montreuil Offset.

Original cover art with an iconic depiction of Michael Jackson

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of musical history with the 45 rpm vinyl "Michael Jackson 1982 - Billie Jean". 

Order now and immerse yourself in the timeless world of pop and Michael Jackson's musical genius.
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Michael Jackson 1982

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