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One Pound 1984 Elizabeth II - UK Coin

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This British 1 pound coin was minted in 1984 to commemorate the jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth II. It has on its reverse an engraving of the imperial crown.

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One Pound 1984 Elizabeth II


One Pound 1984 Elizabeth II - UK Coin

The British 1 pound coin minted in 1984 to commemorate an exceptional year: the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This magnificent piece is a tribute to the longevity of the British monarchy and the stability it represents.

The reverse of the coin features a detailed engraving of the imperial crown, an iconic symbol of the British monarchy. This crown is steeped in history and symbolism, embodying royalty for centuries. 

Just below the crown, you'll find the Latin motto "DECUS ET TUTAMEN," which translates to "Glory and Protection." This motto is a reminder of the greatness and security that the British monarchy has brought to the country over the years.

The obverse of the coin features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been the head of the British monarchy since 1952. His portrait is a living testimony to his exceptional reign and devotion to the United Kingdom. 

Made of nickel and brass, this piece has precise characteristics: a diameter of 22.5 millimeters and a thickness of 3.15 millimeters. It weighs 9.5 grams and features a fluted slice that adds to its visual charm.

Key features:

Face value: 1 British pound
Year of minting: 1984
Effigy: Elizabeth II
Reverse: Imperial crown and Latin motto "DECUS ET TUTAMEN"

Material: nickel and brass
Diameter: 22.5 mm
Thickness: 3.15 mm
Weight: 9.5 g
Edge: fluted

This coin is much more than just a monetary unit; It is a piece of British history to be owned and cherished. Whether you're a collector or just want to own a piece of royal history, this 1 British pound coin from 1984 is an exceptional choice.

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One Pound 1984 Elizabeth II

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