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Pretty Little Doll In Three Pieces Collector's In Antique Porcelain

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Very Pretty Little Vintage Porcelain Doll elegant and very cute in three pieces, with all these original accessories, without its original box, in excellent condition.

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Small Porcelain Doll


Pretty Little Doll - Antique Porcelain Collector's Item, 3 Pieces - TheRedshop

This beautiful little porcelain doll, a piece of great elegance that testifies to its antiquity. It is remarkable with its original clothing and accessories, carefully preserved. This doll is an ideal gift to offer to a little princess, who will be delighted to have her as a companion. This doll's hair is long, curly and captivating brown, perfectly matching her charming hat, an accessory that adds a touch of grace to her already elegant look. She is dressed in a three-piece outfit of exceptional elegance: a beautiful lace dress with long sleeves adorned with pearls, cotton Bermuda shorts, matching shoes, and socks that complete the outfit.

The whole exudes a timeless charm, reminiscent of a bygone era when attention to detail was paramount. The lace dress is a true masterpiece, highlighting the finesse of lace and the elegance of pearls. This porcelain doll, despite its age, has been cherished and preserved with care, making it a precious treasure for lovers of antique dolls. She embodies the art of doll making at its peak, with a quality and grace that sets her apart. Give this beautiful doll to a little princess in your life, and observe the happiness it will bring.

She is much more than just a doll, she is an elegant companion and a precious collector's item. An opportunity to pass on the heritage of craftsmanship and beauty of a past era.

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Small Porcelain Doll

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