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» » » Traditional Senufo Ancient Mask Carved Wood From The Ivory Coast
Mask of the Côte-d'Ivoir - the KPELIE Mask
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Traditional Senufo Ancient Mask Carved Wood From The Ivory Coast

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Senufo mask from Ivory Coast Vintage, in light carved old wood, called "KPELIE Mask", of the Senufo ethnic group Beautiful form and expressions, in medium condition.

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Senoufo Mask - Côte d'Ivoire


Traditional Senoufo Mask - Carved Wood, from the Ivory Coast - TheRedshop

Immerse yourself in the fascinating heritage of the Senufo ethnic group with our authentic "KPELIE Mask" from Côte d'Ivoire, an ancient piece of art of great significance. The Senufo consider this mask a mystical being, bringing happiness and prosperity to anyone lucky enough to see it.

This Senufo mask embodies the cultural richness of this African ethnic group. 

Its elegant form and subtle expressions testify to the exceptional artistic talent of the Senufo, who have preserved their artistic tradition for generations.

According to Senufo belief, the "KPELIE Mask" is a mystical being who brings blessings and prosperity to his viewer. He is the keeper of ancient secrets and mysteries.

This antique mask is adorned with minimalist and meticulous details, testifying to the craftsmanship of its creator.  

Every line and curve tells a story.

The mask has some discolorations and wear, testimony of its history and experience. These imperfections add to its authentic charm and uniqueness.

This piece is the object of choice for those who are passionate about mysterious stories, African ethnic art and the quest for the deep meaning behind ancient objects. 

With dimensions of 33 x 15 cm, this mask is perfect to be displayed in your living space, office or personal collection.

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire this unique and mysterious Senufo cultural treasure. Order now to enrich your life with this extraordinary piece of ancient African art.



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Senoufo Mask - Côte d'Ivoire

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