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Good Night Little - Sets Of 3 Vintage Collectible Dolls

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Vintage collector "Bonne Nuit Les Petits" dolls from an old collection, the set consists of two dolls and a teddy bear, Nicolas, Pimprenelle and Teddy bear.

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Nicolas-Pimprenelle-Teddy bear


Good Night Little Ones - Set of 3 Dolls, Vintage, Collector's - TheRedshop

The set of 3 vintage dolls "Bonne Nuit Les Petits" is a nostalgic treasure inspired by the French TV show of the same name. Composed of Teddy, Pimprenelle and the Sandman, these dolls captivate the magic of the show. Teddy, the gentle teddy bear who watch over the children, Pimprenelle, the sweet fairy who spreads the magic of sleep, and the sandman, the mysterious character who brings sweet dreams. Each doll, about 30 cm tall, is meticulously designed to accurately reflect the iconic characters of the show. Their attention to detail is reflected in their adorable outfits and expressive faces.

Made with high-quality materials, these vintage dolls are popular collector's items for retro lovers. 

Whether you want to complete your retro toy collection or give a special gift to a friend or loved one, the set of 3 vintage dolls "Bonne Nuit Les Petits" is an ideal choice. These dolls evoke a bygone era, filled with childhood memories and magical moments spent in front of the television.

Complete your collection or offer a memorable gift with this "Bonne Nuit Les Petits" set. Revive the magic of your childhood by adding these dolls to your collection or giving them as a special gift.

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Nicolas-Pimprenelle-Teddy bear

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