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» » » Set of Rare 1950 Leather Horses - Sculpture, Large Horse, France

Set of Rare 1950 Leather Horses - Sculpture, Large Horse, France

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These two magnificent antique leather horse statuettes are true authentic pieces of art, handcrafted with great attention to detail. Each statuette depicts a realistic horse with stirrups, saddles and reins.

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Rare 1950s Leather Horse Set - Sculpture,


Set of Leather Horses - 1950s, Sculpture, Large Horse, France - TheRedshop

See a rare set of leather horses dating back to the 1950s, a captivating sculpture that embodies craftsmanship and history. This set consists of a large horse and a smaller companion, both measuring 30 cm in height, for an imposing presence.

The large horse, measuring 40 cm long and weighing 700 g, is a remarkable piece for its size and finesse of detail. Made entirely of leather and hand-carved, it is a testament to the craftsmanship of the time. Its smaller companion completes the set elegantly, adding a touch of dynamism to the composition. These rare sculptures originate from France and date from the second half of the twentieth century, making them collector's items sought after by art and history lovers. Although they show signs of wear, witnesses of their experience, these horses retain all their charm and authentic character. Made with quality leather and wood, these sculptures display a warm brown hue that complements any type of decor. Their dimensions, 47 cm in length, 15 cm in width and 34 cm in height, make them pieces that will not go unnoticed in your interior.
A smaller horse can stand up straight. 

Length: 40 cm
Total height: 30 cm
Entirely made of leather and handcrafted; These are rarely found as a couple.

Subject: set of horses, sculpture
ESTIMATED PERIOD: Second half of the twentieth century
CONDITION: Signs of wear.
WEIGHT: 1 kg

Materials Leather, wood Brown

Two broken legs, some imperfections.

Despite a few broken legs and some imperfections, these leather horses represent a rarity on the market, available exclusively at TheRedshop. Add a touch of vintage elegance to your space with this unique set full of character.

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Rare 1950s Leather Horse Set - Sculpture,

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