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» » » Sidney Bechet, Tribute to JAZZ, Great Musician 1978, 33 RPM Vinyl

Sidney Bechet, Tribute to JAZZ, Great Musician 1978, 33 RPM Vinyl

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Tribute To Sidney Bechet "A Selection of the Best Recordings of the Grand Muicien de JAZZ of 1978 33 RPM Vinyl Record. He was one of the first important soloists in jazz.

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Sidney Bechet 1978


Sidney Bechet, Jazz, Tribute to Sidney (1978), 33 RPM Vinyl - TheRedshop

Bechet was born in New Orleans in 1897 to a middle-class Creole family of color. Bechet's father, Omar, was both a shoemaker and a flutist, and his four brothers were also musicians. 

Born 14 May 1897
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Death 14 May 1959 (62 years)
Garches, France 

Genres Jazz, Disneyland
Profession(s) Musician, composer
Years of activity 1908–1957

Ref : 30 CV 952

Title: A Selection of the Best Recordings of the Great Jazz Musician" 1897 - 1959

Sides A + B: Very good, like new

Cover condition: Good

Printed in France 

This album pays tribute to the virtuosity of Sidney Bechet, showcasing his most iconic performances. With his clarinet and soprano saxophone, Bechet revolutionized jazz with his expressive playing, unique style and vibrant sound. The 33 rpm vinyl "Homage à Sidney Bechet - Grand Musician 1978" will allow you to immerse yourself in the musical universe of Bechet and rediscover legendary songs such as "Petite Fleur", "Dans Les Rues d'Antibes" and "Summertime". These recordings testify to the technical mastery and emotion that Bechet infused into each note. Order today this 33 rpm vinyl "Tribute to Sidney Bechet - Great Musician, 1978" and immerse yourself in the captivating world of jazz of one of the greatest musicians of all time. Let yourself be transported by Bechet's timeless melodies and enjoy an unforgettable musical experience.

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Sidney Bechet 1978

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