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» » » Stand By Me - Original Soundtrack 1986, (45 rpm vinyl)

Stand By Me - Original Soundtrack 1986, (45 rpm vinyl)

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Immerse yourself in the musical universe of the 80s with this 45 rpm vinyl from the soundtrack of the movie "Stand By Me". Released in 1986, this vinyl is a real treasure for retro music lovers.

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Stand By Me 1986


Stand By Me - Original Soundtrack, 1986 (45 rpm vinyl) - TheRedshop 

This vinyl is a real treasure trove for retro music lovers and collectors. The soundtrack of "Stand By Me" is one of the great classics of the 80s, composed by iconic artists of the time. This vinyl will allow you to relive the nostalgic atmosphere of the film and immerse yourself in the emotions it conveys.


Format: 45 rpm
Year of release: 1986
Artist(s) : Various artists

Title(s) : Stand By Me
Genre(s) : Pop, Rock
Number of tracks: 2

Tracklist: Side A:

Stand By Me - Ben E. King B-side:
Yakety Yak - The Coasters

Side A - B : Very good

Cover: Like new

Ref : 789 361 - 7 WE 171

Atlantic Recording Corporation

Printed in France in 1986

First name is written on the cover. 

Whether you are an avid audiophile or a vinyl lover, this record is a must in your collection. It can also make a perfect gift for 80s music fans and vintage vinyl lovers. Don't wait any longer to add this 45 rpm vinyl "Stand By Me - Original Soundtrack 1986" to your collection and relive the golden age of vinyl music.

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Stand By Me 1986

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