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» » TURNER 1889 - FAMOUS ARTISTS By Philip Gilbert Hamerton

TURNER 1889 - FAMOUS ARTISTS By Philip Gilbert Hamerton

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Discover a very old book, TURNER 1889 - The famous artists By Philip Gilbert Hamerton. In-4. Paperback book accompanied by 20 engravings. 96 pages, Many black and white plates.

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TURNER 1889 - Philip Gilbert Hamerton


TURNER, 1889 - FAMOUS ARTISTS By Philip Gilbert Hamerton - TheRedshop

Explore the captivating artistic universe of great master Joseph Mallord William Turner through this rare and precious edition from 1889, entitled "TURNER 1889 - FAMOUS ARTISTS" by Philip Gilbert Hamerton. Published by the prestigious LIBRAIRIE DE L'ART in Paris, this work offers an exceptional dive into the life and work of a legendary artist.

Edition details:

Publication date: 1889
Binding: Softcover
Condition of the book: Good

This 1889 edition is a treasure trove for art and culture lovers. Throughout its 96 pages, it transports you into Turner's visual universe thanks to 20 beautiful black and white engravings. The cover, although showing signs of wear, testifies to the age and history of this precious work.

The 20 prints, black and white illustrations in the text, and cul-de-lampe present in this book allow you to discover Turner's art from a new perspective. 

Philip Gilbert Hamerton's work offers a deep look at the life and career of this legendary artist, immersing you in his time and his creative genius.

Although the cover is faded and the back shows signs of wilting, this edition remains in good condition given its age. Some freckles attest to its authenticity and history.

Add this exceptional book to your collection and immerse yourself in Turner's fascinating world. 

This rare edition is much more than just a book, it is an open window on art and history, an invitation to explore the world through the eyes of a master of painting.

Order now to own a piece of cultural history that will continue to inspire and amaze you with Turner's artistic greatness.

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TURNER 1889 - Philip Gilbert Hamerton

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