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» » » La Guerre du Feu - (Soundtrack of the Film Jean-Jacques Arnaud), 33 Rpm

La Guerre du Feu - (Soundtrack of the Film Jean-Jacques Arnaud), 33 Rpm

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The War of Fire, the Original Film Soundtrack by Jean-Jacques Arnaud, Music by Philippe Sard in 1981, opening cover Original 33 rpm vinyl record.

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La guerre du feu


The War of Fire - Original Soundtrack of the film Jean-Jacques - TheRedshop

This original edition vinyl 33 rpm of the soundtrack of the film "La Guerre du Feu" by Jean-Jacques Annaud, with music composed by Philippe Sarde. This collector's item from 1981 is a treasure trove for vinyl lovers and fans of the film.

Disk characteristics:

Reference : PL 37581 Stereo RC 250
Title: The War of Fire
Label : Ciné Musique
RCA Music Edition
Engraving: Transalab
Registered trademark
Location: 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Country of printing: France

Condition of the record: This vinyl is in excellent condition, with the A and B sides in very good condition, guaranteeing exceptional sound quality. The opening sleeve is also in excellent condition, preserving its original visual appeal.

Inside this edition, you'll find color photos from the film, adding a visual dimension to this immersive musical experience. This is a unique addition for collectors and fans of the film. The soundtrack of "The War of Fire" is a memorable musical creation by Philippe Sarde, who managed to capture the essence of the prehistoric era with his composition. Do not miss the opportunity to own this musical and visual treasure. Order now to add this original edition of "War of Fire" to your music collection. A collector's item that testifies to the musical genius of Philippe Sarde and the magic of Jean-Jacques Annaud's cinema.

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La guerre du feu

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