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African Hand-Carved Wooden Mask - Artistic Traditions of Africa.
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Ancient African mMsk Ethnic art - Traditional Carved Wood

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Traditional Vintage African Wooden Mask, carved with many details by hand, dating from the mid-twentieth century, state of use.

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Africain Mask


Ancient African Masks - Traditional Ethnic Art in Carved Wood

The timeless splendor of a Vintage African Wooden Mask, an exquisite hand-carved piece of ethnic art, dating from the mid-twentieth century.

This carved wooden mask is a magnificent example of African ethnic art, depicting a figure with drooping ears. It embodies the richness and diversity of Africa's artistic traditions.

Every detail of this mask has been handcrafted with unparalleled precision. 

The craftsmen who created this piece inherited an ancestral expertise in wood carving, transmitted from generation to generation.

This African wooden mask is much more than just an object, it is a work of art that can enrich your living space. It brings an authentic and warm touch to any décor. 

Due to its rarity and history, this mask is a coveted collector's item by African art lovers and collectors around the world. To possess this mask is to possess a cultural treasure.

This mask is in excellent condition considering its age. Any imperfection is a testament to the time spent, adding to its charm and authenticity. It is sold in its original state, carrying the story it embodies. 

The wood used to create this mask gives it a unique aesthetic. It is charged with soul and character, making it an even more precious piece.


Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional piece of African ethnic art. Order now to add a touch of authenticity and culture to your living space, or to enrich your personal collection with this vintage carved wooden African mask steeped in history.



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Africain Mask

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