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» » Konica Minolta - Camera Lens Z-Up 70 VP Super 35-70 mm 1999

Konica Minolta - Camera Lens Z-Up 70 VP Super 35-70 mm 1999

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Konica Lens / Z-Up 70 VP Super 35-70mm ZOOM 1999 camera, Serial Number:6939360 silver/black color in perfect condition, perfectly functional. USA manufacturing, fully automatic.

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Konica Lens / Z-Up 70


Konica Minolta Z-Up 70 VP 35-70mm Camera - Year 1999 - TheRedshop

The Konica Lens/Z-Up 70 is a 35 mm compact camera produced by Konica in the late 1990s. It features a 38-70 mm Konica Hexanon lens with a maximum aperture of f/3.5-6.5, providing a versatile zoom range for landscape, portrait, and close-up photos. The camera is equipped with fast and accurate autofocus, as well as a crossover light measurement system that ensures correct exposure in a variety of lighting conditions. It also has an exposure compensation function for backlit or bright light situations. The Konica Lens/Z-Up 70 has a built-in flash with multiple modes, including a fill mode to illuminate subjects in backlit situations. It is also equipped with a clear and bright viewfinder to facilitate the composition of the image.

Brand: Konica 

Country: Germany

Model: Konica Lens Z-UP 70 Super 35 -70 mm

Year of manufacture: 1999

Type: Compact Point & Shoot

Serial Number: 6939360

35 mm film for color prints

Power supply: 1 CR123A battery

Gold 24 / 200 / 24

Process C - 41

GB 24 Exp.

Silvery gray / black color. Collector's item for collectors. 

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Konica Lens / Z-Up 70

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