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» » » Wings At The Speed Of Sound 1976 - A True Musical Nugget (33 Rpm Vinyl)

Wings At The Speed Of Sound 1976 - A True Musical Nugget (33 Rpm Vinyl)

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The iconic vinyl album "Wings At The Speed Of Sound 1976" released in 1976. Created by one of the most legendary bands in the history of music, this album transports you on a captivating musical.

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Speed Of Sound 1976


Wings At The Speed Of Sound, 1976 - Musical Nugget with Timeless Melodies - TheRedshop

The album "Speed Of Sound" is a musical nugget that testifies to the talent and creativity of the group. The timeless melodies and elaborate arrangements of each track immerse you in a unique sound universe.


Album Title: Speed Of Sound
Format: 33 rpm vinyl
Year of release: 1976
Label: MPL (2)– 2C068-97581
Country: France
Genre: Pop, Rock
Ref : 2 C 068 - 97581

Sleeve condition: Very good
Engraved by PATHE MARCONI EMI in 1976

From the first track, the band captures your attention with harmoniously intertwined vocal harmonies and instruments, creating an immersive listening experience.

Throughout the album, you will be carried away by various pieces, highlighting the virtuosity of the musicians and the expressiveness of the lyrics. Each track is a musical journey in itself, mixing power and emotion to captivate the listener. 

The 33 rpm vinyl of "Speed Of Sound" offers exceptional sound quality, revealing every musical nuance. With its original cover, this vinyl is both a musical treasure and a collector's item for music lovers.

With the vinyl album "Speed Of Sound". Let yourself be carried away by the timeless melodies, captivating performances and unforgettable musical experience it offers.

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Speed Of Sound 1976

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