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The History of TheRedshop

TheRedshop is an online platform dedicated to collectors, antique dealers, or anyone looking for exceptional pieces.

Our site was established in March 2022 with a mission to provide a trusted marketplace where collectors, antique dealers, and enthusiasts can discover and purchase quality collectibles. Our offering includes a wide range of collectibles, antiques, vintage items, rare vinyl, retro video games and more.


TheRedshop was founded by FOLLY and Sacha, who combined their skills to bring this project to life. FOLLY, with more than 7 years of experience as an amateur, frequenting flea markets, house sales, garage sales and flea markets, and seller on several competing sites, is at the origin of the idea of TheRedshop. His constant interactions with the objects, their owners, the histories of the objects and the actors of the art and antique market have made it possible to develop a unique site, combining antiques and French collectibles.


As co-founder, I am determined to continue this exciting journey, with the goal of providing an exceptional shopping experience for our customers and developing lasting connections within our valued community.


As for Sacha, his personal story has been marked by a second chance, after a brush with death in 2018. Through the selfless act of one person, he was saved. This experience inspired him to give people another chance and to give old objects a second life to give them value.

We are committed to sharing our findings, inspiring others, and creating a space where every customer feels welcomed and appreciated.


We invite you to browse our online store, explore our selection of carefully chosen products, and join our community. At TheRedshop, we are not just an online store; We are a story in motion, and we would be honored to have you by our side.


Thank you for your trust and continued support.


The TheRedshop Team

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Explorez notre collection de produits vintage soigneusement sélectionnés chez TheRedshop. Optez pour l'authenticité et le renouveau !

Nos paramètres d'accès de l'administrateur et donner une seconde vie à des objets vintage chez TheRedshop. Notre sélection de produits est soigneusement choisie. Chez TheRedshop, tous les produits sont au vert, pour une conscience écologique. Optez pour l'authenticité et le renouveau avec nos articles vintage et faites de chaque pièce un témoignage de votre style unique. Explorez notre collection dès désormais !

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