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Welcome to TheRedshop, your preferred destination for Konica collector's treasures !


Immerse yourself in the iconic world of Konica, a brand that has marked the history of photography and technology. We are proud to offer you an exquisite selection of vintage and collector's items from the Konica brand, ranging from classic cameras to accessories and rare items that have shaped the heritage of this legendary brand. As Konica enthusiasts, we understand the importance of cameras, accessories and objects that have marked generations of photographers and enthusiasts of yesteryear. Every piece you discover here has a story to tell, a story that helped write the pages of photography history.


Thank you for joining us in this quest for the past, to rediscover and preserve the priceless heritage of the Konica brand. Every purchase you make at TheRedshop will help perpetuate this passion for the history of photography.


So, what are you waiting for ? Explore our unique selection of Konica collector's items now and add a touch of history to your collection.


The TheRedshop Team

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