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Welcome to our online store dedicated to the currency of the United Kingdom! Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of British coins, banknotes and numismatic objects that bear witness to the UK's rich history and iconic royalty. Whether you're a numismatic enthusiast, a seasoned collector or simply curious about British monetary treasures, you've come to the right place !


Section 1 - Collection of British Coins:

Our collection of British coins is a treasure trove for numismatic enthusiasts and history buffs. From ancient coins dating back to the time of kings and queens to modern and commemorative editions, each piece has been carefully selected for its quality and historical interest. Whether you're looking for sovereigns, crowns, shillings or pounds sterling, you'll find unique coins that reflect the grandeur and diversity of British currency.


Section 2 - British banknotes:

British banknotes are symbols of the economy and culture of the United Kingdom. Our selection of banknotes gives you an insight into the evolution of money in Britain, from the first banknotes issued to modern and secure designs. Explore the five-pound, ten-pound, twenty-pound and fifty-pound notes, and learn how British currency has evolved in tandem with the country's history and royalty.

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One Pound 2016, Elizabeth II - This Coin is Highly Appreciated by Collectors.
29.00€ Excluding VAT
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One Pound (£1990), Elizabeth II - Its History and Significance make it a Fascinating Collector's Item.
11.00€ Excluding VAT
Product available
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