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Welcome to our online store dedicated to the currency of the United States of America! Discover an extensive collection of coins, banknotes and numismatic objects that tell the fascinating story of this great nation. Whether you're a numismatic enthusiast, a seasoned collector or just curious about American monetary treasures, you've come to the right place !  


Section 1 - Collection of U.S. Coins:

Our collection of American coins is a true celebration of the history and diversity of the United States. From rare precious pieces dating from the nation's earliest days to striking commemorative editions, each piece is carefully selected for its quality and authenticity. Whether you are interested in cents, nickels, tithes, quarters, half dollars or dollars, you will find numismatic treasures that will enrich your collection.



Section 2 - U.S. Bank Notes:

U.S. bank notes are tangible testimonies to the economic and political history of the United States. Our selection of banknotes takes you through the ages, from the first banknotes issued by the Federal Bank to today's modern and artistic designs. Explore one-dollar, five-dollar, ten-dollar, twenty-dollar bills and even special collectible notes. Each note tells a unique story and offers a captivating insight into the evolution of the U.S. currency.

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