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English By Television, Walter And Connie (33 Rpm Vinyl)

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Discover a fun and effective method of learning English with this 33 rpm "English By Television, Walter And Connie". This revolutionary vinyl allows you to improve your mastery...

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Walter And Connie


English By Television - Walter And Connie, Vinyl - TheRedshop

The revolutionary vinyl "English By Television, Walter And Connie," an immersive and entertaining method of learning English. This vinyl in 33 rpm format, reference Lessons 1 - 13, Record 1 - 0 F 3, is an artistic creation made in France, with an almost perfect cover.

Technical specifications:

Format: 33 rpm vinyl

Ref : Lessons 1 - 13, Record 1 - 0 F 3

Title: Walter And Connie

Sides A + B: Very good

Cover condition: Good

Made in France

Exclusive distributor B.B.C France

Walter and Connie, two charismatic characters, will guide you through a comprehensive English learning program. 

Through interactive lessons, engaging dialogue, practical exercises and catchy songs, immerse yourself in an authentic English-speaking environment. This vinyl features a variety of lessons covering everyday life, travel, business, and much more. Progress at your own pace and develop useful language skills in a variety of contexts. The pedagogical accompaniment includes a detailed workbook for practice, as well as practical tips to maximize your learning.

Whether you are a beginner in English or want to hone your language skills, "English By Television, Walter And Connie" offers a unique and captivating learning experience. Master English while having fun.

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Walter And Connie

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