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» » » France Gall - Wax Doll, Sound Doll 1965 Vinyl 33 Rpm

France Gall - Wax Doll, Sound Doll 1965 Vinyl 33 Rpm

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France Gall "POUPÉE DE CIRE, POUPÉE DE SON" (Serge Gainsbourg) from 1965 Vinyl record 33 rpm. Isabelle Gall, known as France Gall, is a French singer, born October 9, 1947 in the 12th in Paris.

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France Gall - Wax Doll, Sound Doll (1965), vinyl - TheRedshop

This iconic vinyl that offers you the chance to rediscover the legendary songs of France Gall in all their glory, perfectly capturing the essence of the 60s.

Technical specifications:

Format: 33 rpm vinyl
Artist : France Gall
Reference: France Gall Impact: 6371 156
Title: Wax Doll, Sound Doll


Sides A + B: Good
Cover: Good
Overall condition: Excellent condition
Made in France 1965

Album "Poupée De cire, poupée De son": This vinyl presents the emblematic titles of the album that marked the history of French music. Find timeless songs like "Poupée De Cire, Poupée de Son", "Laisse Tombe Les Filles" and "Attends Ou Va-T'en" in authentic and haunting versions, carried by the unique voice of France Gall. Immerse yourself in an immersive audio experience that showcases France Gall's talent and the musical abundance of that era. 

This vinyl is a limited edition, a precious collector's item for France Gall fans and retro music lovers. It comes with an artistically illustrated sleeve, adding a vintage and nostalgic touch to your vinyl collection. With this vinyl, immerse yourself in the golden age of French song and let yourself be charmed by the elegance and timeless freshness of France Gall. 

Whether you're a long-time fan or a new fan of '60s music, this vinyl is a must-have. Treat yourself to a retro and enchanting musical experience by acquiring the vinyl "France Gall - Wax Doll, Sound Doll 1965". Rediscover the unforgettable songs of France Gall and immerse yourself in an iconic musical era.

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