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» » » Tina Turner - Private Dancer 1984 (Original 33 rpm vinyl)

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 1984 (Original 33 rpm vinyl)

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Tina Turner "PRIVATE DANCER", of 1984 Capitol records inc, with the original stickers Original 33 rpm vinyl record. With this vinyl, immerse yourself in the musical universe of Tina Turner.

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Tina Turner 1984


Tina Turner - Private Dancer (1984), Original vinyl - TheRedshop


This iconic vinyl invites you to dive into the captivating world of Tina Turner and rediscover the classics of the album "Private Dancer".

Technical specifications:

Format: 33 rpm vinyl
Artist : Tina Turner
Reference: 2401521 PM 263


Sides A + B: Very good, like new
Cover: Very good, like new
Overall condition: Excellent condition
Barcode: 5 099924 015219

This vinyl highlights the essentials of the album "Private Dancer", propelling Tina Turner to international fame. Find classics such as "What's Love Got to Do with It", "Better Be Good to Me" and "Private Dancer", carried by the unparalleled voice of Tina Turner. The exceptional sound quality immerses you in an immersive experience, revealing every note, nuance and emotion of Tina Turner's vocal performance. You will be transported into the musical universe of this icon.

This limited edition is a treasure trove for Tina Turner fans and 80s music lovers. The artistically illustrated cover adds a touch of elegance to your vinyl collection. Immerse yourself in the musical world of Tina Turner, a living legend of music.

Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, this vinyl offers an unforgettable experience. Treat yourself to this powerful musical experience by acquiring the vinyl "Tina Turner - Private Dancer, 1984". Let yourself be carried away by the legendary voice of Tina Turner and feel all the energy and emotion of her unforgettable performances.

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Tina Turner 1984

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